Find your inner coach package

I have an amazing opportunity to share with you a once in a lifetime deal which will ultimately take your business and yourself further beyond your expectations.

The deal includes:

- 6 1h 1 to 1 coaching sessions with me over the telephone, skype or zoom to practically help you with your business growth. This includes a review session as the last session. These sessions will be tailored to suit you and your business. I will give you an open space to discuss your's and your company's growth. I will use any of the tools available in my library to take you to the next level. - Value £1200

- 3 2h transformational webinars titled Find Your Inner Coach (FYIC)  - Them webinars are designed so you get to learn techniques that will enable you to shift your motivation to it's maximum, not just during the event but also months and years afterward. - value £199

- Crap book with handwritten notes so you can coach yourself at any given time. - value £49

- Motivation toolkit will be given during the FYIC events, to help yourself in any given situation. - value £49

In total, you receive the whole package to help you and your business become the best you can be. The program is designed to give you ongoing boosts so you do not have to invest in coaches until the end of your days, as you would be able to do all of that yourself. The sessions will be there to help you achieve current goals but also teach the process of coaching yourself and the event will give you fundamental skills and tools to do that.

It is the best kind of investment you can have because you invest in yourself and your future.

How much does something like that cost?

What price do you put for happiness and success?


The full price of the package is £1497

but I am reducing that to £997 for the first 20 people.

Beyond that, I am further reducing it to £847 for the first 10 people who sign up and pay in full.

Lastly, I am throwing a 2nd free VIP entry to the "Find Your Inner Coach" event with all materials included.


In summary, you get:

6, 1h 1 to 1 sessions with me (review session included) over a 3 month period.


+ The following bonuses if you pay in full within 24h

  • Invitation for you and your guest for 3 part webinar Find Your Inner Coach

  • 2 "Crap books" with handwritten notes, shipment included

  • 2 set of Tools and exercises from event

All For £1794


This package is available until the 27th of March at 23.59 pm so do not wait!!

The reason why I designed this package like that because I want to give people really amazing value for money + I want people to have some sessions with me, learn the tools and motivate themselves + they can spread the message to their colleagues and friends of how amazing it was and they can get the amazing benefits.

If you are still unsure or have any questions feel free to contact me on 07949896948 or email and I will be in touch.

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