Top 10 ways to achieve work life balance?

Updated: Jan 6

1. Priorities

Establish what is most important for you to focus on. What would get you the best results for yourself and your business? Minimize the amount of time spent on things that are not as important.

One of the best ways is to do your own urgent/ important matrix.

This will give you clarity and allow you to be more effective within your business.

2. Set specific times for work and for yourself.

Set rules for yourself for when you are at work, you are at work. When you are spending time with your family or friends, you are spending time with your family or friends... Plan how you are going to spend your time or set a timetable that suits your life the best. The less you cross over between each one, the more productive and happier you will be in all aspects.

3. Know when you are the most productive.

Ask yourself. When are you the most focused? Is it when you wake up in the morning? Or in the late hours at night? Most people advice to get up early in the morning but that doesn't work for night owls who are more productive in the evenings. Notice at what circumstances are you the most productive and work to your advantage. Work smarter not harder.

4. Play to your strengths.

Focus on the things you are actually good at and for the things that you are not, find a way where you can either, find someone who will do it for you, take time to learn the craft or find a way to automate the process, so you can place the most time in what you are the best at to improve effectiveness of your business.

5. Automate processes.

Automate the processes to help you save time in the long run. There are numerous free software and tools which help you automate various processes within your business. Not sure how to do it? Here is a website on more ideas click here. You can also find a specialist who will do it for you. Automating things will save you a lot of time in the long run.

6. Do something you really enjoy.

What would make you really happy? It could be a hobby, a trip, a holiday, time with your loved ones... Ask yourself what you actually like doing, plan it and make it a priority. This will refresh you and might inspire you to have a fresh perspective on your business.

7. Workspace.

Ensure that you have the best workspace. The clearer and cleaner your workspace is, the more focused and calm you will be in the process. It will allow far fewer distractions and more productivity. What environment are you most focused at?

8. Evaluate the aspect of life that you would like to improve

Simply ask yourself: what went well, what didn't and what action are you going to take to improve things. You can do this at the end of each day, meeting with a prospect client, networking event, provided service... All it takes is less than 10 minutes and the process will save you a lot of energy, money, and frustration.

9. Take a break.

By taking regular breaks, is a cliché but it really does help. According to Wikipedia "Common estimates for sustained attention to a freely chosen task range to a maximum of around 20 minutes for adults." By taking regular breaks we are actually more productive as our relaxed brains work to our fullest potential. One of the ways I take a break is to meditate for about 5-10 minutes.

10. Get support.

If you know that you could be doing better in any part of your life or business get some help from someone who knows what they are talking about. There is no shame in asking for help. You do not need to prove to anybody that you can do everything yourself. Investing in long term support for yourself or your business is the best investment you can make as it could last you a lifetime.


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